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Marlin’s Ammunition not Aimming for Playoffs.

Posted in Sports by mikeleh2000 on March 6, 2010

Optimism is a strong feeling that when used correctly can have great effects on life.  Same can be said for the world of sports.  Optimism is what keeps some fan bases going, for that is all they have.  Every team has the same record.  Every team has the same chance to prove they can win.  And every team’s fan base is just as excited as the next.  And the optimism is running high in South Florida when it comes to our Florida Marlins.

Everyone seems to be expecting great things for the 2010 baseball season.  Local radio host say the Marlins will exceed the 87 wins from last year and  beat writers and bloggers say the team has a good chance to make the playoffs; but the most optimistic person in South Florida may be the owner of the team, Jeffery Loria, who is being quoted as saying, “I expect to make the playoffs…we’ve got all the ammunition we need.”

Really?  All the ammunition we need?

I understand this team has talent, but it is young talent.  Unfortunately, with young talent comes a lot of inconsistency.  If you look at the depth chart on you will see the Marlins are fielding a team with a lot of players that we do not know what to expect.  It leaves us fans with many questions heading into this season.

Will Chris Coghlin regress from  his Rookie of the Year season? 

Can Anibal Sanchez stay healthy for a full year?

Will Gaby Sanchez be able to hit constantly against Major League pitching?

Cameron Maybin hit .299 in September last year, but had a season batting average of .250.  The Marlins haven’t had a closer go wire to wire in a couple of years.  Sean West has 4.79 ERA after being called up and Chris Volstad’s 2009 season was disappointing at best.

We know what to expect from Hanley, Uggla, Cantu, Johnson, and Ross, but the rest of the roster is a mix of young talent who hasn’t proven themselves in the Major’s yet.  We can not expect the team to not have any struggles and I believe that those struggles will keep the team below the 87 win mark from last season.

We do have some great ammunition; I just don’t think it will be shooting for the playoffs this season.

Michael Lehmann is an avid sports fan and the co-host of FAU’s radio show “The Word on Sports,” every friday at 11:00am.  He can be reach at


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  1. Sean said, on March 6, 2010 at 1:21 pm

    You didn’t mention the next Dave Winfield MIKE STANTON!!!! He’s gonna make us forget how long it’s taking Maybin to come around. He already hit a 10th inning blast yesterday to take down the Mets 4-3. The ROOKIE OF THE YEAR will be in South Florida again. There is not a roster in the NL East I would want over the Marlins right now.

    • mikeleh2000 said, on March 6, 2010 at 3:19 pm

      I agree that the Marlins will be better set for the future, but everyone can’t expect the playoffs this season. If they keep these guys together, it could be another championship in 2-3 years. I didn’t mention Mike Stanton because he isn’t going to start to begin the season. I could see a mid-season call up though.

  2. Sean said, on March 8, 2010 at 1:29 pm

    Yeah, and while I agree with the concept that “young talent” can be inconsistent, I have to say its a little bit different when you are as stacked as the Marlins are right now. Most teams with young talent have holes to fill and such. I don’t see too many glaring holes on the Marlins roster except for in the bullpen. This team came out of the gate with 11 wins or something last season, and only finished a couple series out of the playoffs last year. I just don’t think having a goal of the postseason is as lofty as some may think. Only 4 teams make the playoffs from any given league. That leaves 10 other teams out of 15 that are just as, if not more delusional than the Marlins in regards to their chances.

    • mikeleh2000 said, on March 8, 2010 at 4:17 pm

      Well, the Marlins did have big holes to fill. Center field, 1st base, their last two rotation spots. All being filled by talent that has been unproven. Maybin has proved some, along with Anibal Sanchez, but both haven’t proved much. Gaby Sanchez has proved nothing at all in the majors. My thinking is that they are a little better than the Braves, but still are the sixth or seventh best team in the Nation League.

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