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Posted in Uncategorized by mikeleh2000 on March 10, 2010

Rafer Alston has gone “Lost” on the Miami Heat.  I’m not sure if Ben and Juliette have him in some cage drawing his blood and making him haul rocks (Sorry if that’s outdated but I am only on season three; thank God for Hulu), but one thing is for sure; he isn’t playing basketball in South Florida.

The eleven year veteran and playground legend sat the final three quarters in the win against the Warriors.  He did not play at all during the Los Angeles Laker game and it became evident that he had lost his job not only as the starting PG, but as the backup also.   Add that to the fact that his twin sister had tried to take her life a few days before and it seems like everything adds up.  I wasn’t that convinced though.

Alston has been known to be a little bit of a hot head and is not the easiest person to deal with.  Although, I think caring for his sister is important, I feel he is using it as an excuse more than anything. 

I sent out a couple of emails to people I thought would have more information on what exactly happen.  They all responded the same; ego.  I suspected that long before I sent out the emails.  Alston left the team knowing he would be suspended without pay and that is something players in any sport do not normally do.  For Alston to leave money sitting on the table had to be more than just a family member in need. 

His pride was hurt.  Alston was a guy who help lead the Orlando Magic to the NBA finals last year after an injury to Jameer Nelson left the position open.  Now, he is having trouble beating out Arroyo and Chalmers, who have had their peaks and  valleys themselves (more valleys than peaks for Chalmers, of course).  For that reason alone, his playing time was never going to be completely gone.  Efficiency for Miami is the key and Alston just wasn’t getting it done at the time.  Doesn’t mean he couldn’t have won his spot back into the rotation, just means quitting was less harmful to his pride. 

I don’t believe Skip is done the Heat.  His name plaque still hangs above his locker and if he can make amends with the team and get back onto the court, he could prove his worth.  The Heat still have a shortage of talent. It is all about production at this point and Alston has been a productive guy in this league.  Lets hope he finds his way off that island soon.

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